February 16, 2010

NYFW Highlights: Marc Jacobs


February 15, 2010

Name That Shoe

So in downtown Orlando on Monday nights there is a night at Backbooth (the club/bar) called Crush (after Pauly Crush, the DJ). So if you're still with me I'll explain. I found this picture on their image feed on facebook of one of the partygoers at the club (bar? whatever). I don't know where these shoes are from. Could be Forever 21 for all I know, but they caught my eye and I figured I'd share.


UPDATE: Does it look to anyone else like they're just a regular pair of black booties accessorized with shoe chains? I know I've seen some at Aldo that look similar.


I've been meaning to post about these boots for forever. They are from Luxirare, who is amazing as usual. This one picture does not do the shoes justice at all, so you must check out her original post. To some they might just look like an embellished pair of thigh highs, but she wears them so beautifully, that I just see more. Does anyone else get it?


February 11, 2010

Almost Forgot

Alexander McQueen was my inspiration for this blog. Without him I wouldn't be where I am today. (Not that I'm really anywhere, but you know what I mean) This post is proof of how much he meant to me as a designer. When I first saw these shoes I didn't just think they were pretty, I was inspired by them. And that says a lot about his talent.


As I'm sure you all already know, Alexander McQueen passed away today. While I don't at all want to sound like I'm over-dramatizing my feelings due to this tragic event, I truly do believe Alexander McQueen was my favorite designer. I've never considered picking a favorite before, but remembering all the things he's done and realizing how much potential has been lost, I can't help but feel like his impact was greater on me then anyone else's. I truly can't fathom a world where I don't have new amazing McQueen shoes to post every season. His name has always been synonymous with style to me. Now what? I won't even try and pretend like I know. But sometime soon I will be put up a "Best Of" post to showcase his talent, as well as my favorite pieces. A little walk down memory lane.

Unfortunately, it will have to wait a bit since I'm currently completely swamped at school. But I haven't been this sad about a future post ever.

Here's to a man I didn't know personally, I had never met, I had never given much thought, and here's to a designer who I felt like I had known all my life, I had understood on all levels, and I had thought about frequently.

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