August 27, 2010


Lame title I know, but what is really important is that Gossip Girl released pictures from their upcoming season and I am so ridiculously excited! Who needs storylines when everyone is dressed like this?! Amazing.


Courtesy of Facebook.

August 26, 2010

Kolor me Khaki

(As much as it irritates the academic in me to spell things falsely for symmetry, I couldn't pass the opportunity up.) I guess we're seeing a theme today. Another coveted thing that I slacked on blogging and then decided it was a neccesity. These nail polishes have been making the rounds for a bit and are definitely highly anticipated. Between me, my mother, and my sister we have a small fortune invested in nail polish, which is rather odd since I'm not the best at keeping up with my nails. But anyway, back to the point, when I first saw these I thought, wow pretty but not anything new or inherently eye-catching, yet I would still buy one if I happened upon it. Then I saw Garance Dore's most recent illustration and I knew right away it was from the exciting collection. Seeing it on fingernails (even if they are of the fictional kind!) made me truly realize the potential of these awesomely neutral shades. My favorite is definitely Khaki Vert, but by a tiny margin.

Now I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope that they don't sell out too quickly!


Courtesy of StyleList.

Book it

So in this case I'm not actually late to the game with these clutches. I was just reading an informative article about Kindles and was all of a sudden inspired to look them up again because I remembered how much I love reading. And well I just had to document them on my blog because they truly are right up my alley. I kind of wish they used the original cover art, thats the nerd in me, but the fashion part of my brain loves the fun whimsical takes on the classics. My favorite design is The Great Gatsby, but I've never actually read it! My favorite book out of the selection is definitely The Importance of being Earnest. Such a good read. Anyway, for just $325 you can look smart and fashionable in a truly unique way.


Courtesy of google images.


I found out this morning on twitter that Rebecca Minkoff is launching their first shoe collection! Not only that, but they're awesome. Thankfully, the announcement was accompanied by shots of the shoes, rather then making us anticipate for months, and they will be a part of their Spring 2011 line. Here are my favorites:


Courtesy of Minkette.

August 21, 2010


Merely hours after I wrote this post I began seeing Ruthie Davis shoes EVERYWHERE. Most notably, the exact same shoes on Katy Perry.

Also, found a post on another blog of the shoe along with two other beauties.

Clearly I have some more research to do on her.


Courtesy of Coco Perez and The FAD

EDIT: Also spotted in Ruthie Davis shoes? Demi Lovato and Whitney Port! Clearly they are fast becoming celeb favorites.

August 20, 2010


Just moved back into my dorm at college, so I'll probably fluctuate from a lot of posts out of boredom and absolutely no posts due to crazy school shiz. Not that I have "readers" per say, but I don't want anyone to worry.


Spiked to Perfection

These shoes are right up my blogging alley. I love any piece that makes me standout, but in a good way, not a crazy one. These shoes have the perfect amount of spikes to make them fierce, but not so many that it looks like you're wearing sea urchins. Ruthie Davis $1,395.


Courtesy of Haute Macabre.

August 5, 2010

Tight End

I've kind of had my fill of lacy and printed tights lately but I'm always on the lookout for interesting designs. I stumbled upon these Alexander McQueen beauties and I fell completely in love. Oddly enough my favorite part is the detail around the waist and crotch area, which can't even be seen.

If you don't mind spending that much of money on tights, feel free to buy them here.


August 4, 2010

Tough Luck

I recently decided to enter the Jeffrey Campbell My Way contest on Chictopia. I submitted my entry tonight and I'm super nervous about it! But I love it. Click here to give my design props and vote it "chic" please! Here is my design:

The picture really doesn't do it justice but the design in my head is amazing. Hope you like it.


August 2, 2010

Lusting After

These awesome Senso shoes. And at that price I could probably buy them if I really wanted to. But for now I'll just blog them.

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