January 21, 2010

Crisis Mode

So after watching an interview with Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, in which she cited Luxirare as her favorite blog, I had to give it a second chance. I'd looked at it once before and honestly I didn't get it. But now I do. Not only do I get it, but I think its genius. And her latest post sealed the deal for me. She did a post on how to make a pair of shoes. Which has been one of my dream projects for a long time. I, unfortunately, am extremely impatient, poor, and busy. But reading this post about making shoes really made me wish I'd forgone traditional college for fashion school. I mean instead of studying for a calculus exam this weekend, I could be pouring through pounds of fabric, looking for the perfect leather for the new boots I was going to make. And to think, I thought I had my life all figured out. But I'm the planner, not the risk taker. I'll stick with the college thing and finish it, because thats what successful people do. They go to college, get degrees, go out into the real world and work. They don't leave college to make shoes, and live in some fabulous city just taking in the fashion. Thats not what I do. My mom would be devastated. Not to mention, she wouldn't pay for this new found life. So I'll stay here and spend my days hanging out with the future CEOs of America, instead of the Carrie Bradshaws of this world, which is who I truly belong with. My heart just isn't in this academic thing anymore. Is this really what I've busted my ass for so long for?

Here they are. The homemade shoes that started my newfound identity crisis.


  1. hey dont be so harsh on your self... are u wiling to do something you are not passionate about for the rest of your life? i am studying industrial design and i couldnt be happier... success... if by success you mean money let me tell you that designers get well paid... but success for me is doing what you love the most

  2. This all makes complete sense, and yet still sounds completely unattainable. You're lucky you were able to find something that makes you happy. Industrial design actually sounds fascinating! I'll keep at my random doodles of shoes. Maybe one day I'll actually learn to draw well and publish some on here. But probably not! :)



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