January 29, 2010

Look Familiar?

The glamourai posted this awesome Alice in Wonderland inspired ad. She had some others along with it but this one really caught my eye. It looked SO familiar. I realized immediately that it was the gorgeous gold frock that Anna Dello Russo donned in this post I made recently. (P.S. did you know that Anna NEVER wears makeup?! so jealous...) So of course I had to post it. Not only because of my love for everything AiW inspired, but because I love when I see a dress worn different ways. So here you go!


P.S.S. If you go to the actual link you'll notice there's also a model wearing the Prada dress featured in Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Vanity Fair shoot. But I made the executive decision to not post that repeat. Mostly because I'm not at all a Bella fan. But I thought I'd point it out anyway.

Sugar and Sparkle

My sister bought this nail polish from the new OPI Alice in Wonderland collection, "Mad as a Hatter". I absolutely adore it! I went and got a pedicure with it, and I painted my nails to match. I never do my nails and toes the same color, I love it that much! It pretty much looks like you were doing arts and crafts and spilled glitter glue on your fingernails. Its so crazy fun! Every time I look at my nails it brightens my day.

Here is the rest of the collection. I also REALLY want the blue one.


images via google images.

Outfit Spotlight

My favorite shoe lover over at seaofshoes posted this outfit today. I adore the blazer but my heart and brain are in a feud. The shoes are amazing too. I'll just call it a tie. So sophisticated, but edgy with the duct tape and chained boots. gimme!

January 23, 2010


Bought some really awesome vintage BCBG Max Azria shoes at a shop, Persona, in downtown Gainesville. Though the soles are hardly worn so I'm not really sure how old they actually are. I tried style.com but didn't find anything enlightening. Pictures coming later?!

January 21, 2010

Crisis Mode

So after watching an interview with Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, in which she cited Luxirare as her favorite blog, I had to give it a second chance. I'd looked at it once before and honestly I didn't get it. But now I do. Not only do I get it, but I think its genius. And her latest post sealed the deal for me. She did a post on how to make a pair of shoes. Which has been one of my dream projects for a long time. I, unfortunately, am extremely impatient, poor, and busy. But reading this post about making shoes really made me wish I'd forgone traditional college for fashion school. I mean instead of studying for a calculus exam this weekend, I could be pouring through pounds of fabric, looking for the perfect leather for the new boots I was going to make. And to think, I thought I had my life all figured out. But I'm the planner, not the risk taker. I'll stick with the college thing and finish it, because thats what successful people do. They go to college, get degrees, go out into the real world and work. They don't leave college to make shoes, and live in some fabulous city just taking in the fashion. Thats not what I do. My mom would be devastated. Not to mention, she wouldn't pay for this new found life. So I'll stay here and spend my days hanging out with the future CEOs of America, instead of the Carrie Bradshaws of this world, which is who I truly belong with. My heart just isn't in this academic thing anymore. Is this really what I've busted my ass for so long for?

Here they are. The homemade shoes that started my newfound identity crisis.

January 17, 2010

Trend Alert: Cob web shirts?

When I first saw the shirt on Miley I thought it was definitely an interesting find but then a similar design popped up on Jak & Jil and the wheels in my head began to turn. The bottom version is more on the netty side then Miley's but you get the idea. The peek of skin beneath the edgy fabric definitely makes for a sexy take on grunge.


January 13, 2010

Schooooool's. out. for. summer!

Now that school is back in session I have been super busy and kind of lost myself for a second there sometime between Calculus homework and business lectures. But I'm back on track and ready to get this blog to reach its full potential.

So in looking through stuff lately I've noticed one thing, there aren't nearly enough pictures on this blog! I mean, personally, 99% of the reason I read so many blogs is to collect the gorgeous and inspirational pictures that my fellow enthusiasts post. Whether it be of their personal style, or recent fashion shows, or even just of people's feet, I really enjoy to look at fashion. Very few bloggers entertain me with their words quite like they do with their pictures. So I went through my archives a bit and made a New Years resolution to post lots more pictures on my blog. I know, its about 2 weeks late, but better late then never?

I've already begun to look into the future while this crazy weather keeps me indoors. I mean snow?! in Florida?! it's just not how things are supposed to be. So after weeks of these polar conditions, I've decided enough is enough! Time to put on some Bob Marley, crank up my heat, and reminisce about the days when throwing on one layer was sufficient and my idea of shoes was whichever worn -in pair of gladiators I could find first.

Here's to staying warm!


*These are all old photos I had saved, but if I'm not mistaken they're all from Garance Doré

January 3, 2010

Spotlight: Anna Dello Russo

When I first read about Jak & Jil's resident photog Tomm being in love with Anna Dello Russo I got really excited to google her and see all of her amazing outfits. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed at first, but as I clicked through endless Google Images pages I realized, that while not conventional, her style is definitely something to be admired and revered. It is straight off the runway, and I am amazed by some of the things she is actually able to pull off. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite outfits of hers.


January 1, 2010

2010?? whaaa?

This new year completely snuck up on me. One minute I'm just hangin out, the next its a completely new decade. But anyway, I've heard enough about the new decade, so moving on to shoes. This post has absolutely no organization whatsoever. Last night while waiting for my friend I got distracted by Jak & Jil archives and fell in love with a few pairs of shoes. So, I'm just going to post them all at once so you can appreciate them too. I should probably make this a weekly thing and name it but I'm way too exhausted. I had a looooong night. My creative stuffs is all gone right now. Ok too many words, onto the shoes.

These I like because they are flowy and structured at the same time. I have yet to see such a simple idea, a black platform pump, be transformed into an interesting shoe with virtually no extra.

Epic. Amazing. Unexpected. Mind boggling.

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about these, but in the end they won me over. I couldn't even say why, just something about such simple materials being used to make a unique and high fashion shoe. Genius.


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