March 17, 2010

Lets Melt Away Together

Photos of these Nicolas Kirkwood shoes have been doing the rounds on the blogs lately after being used in the most recent Rodarte show. Personally, I think shoes should get their own fashion show. No clothes necessary. Separate from regular fashion week. Maybe I'll start it....

I watched the Rodarte show online and despite some serious technical issues I managed to see most of the looks. I did not, however, see these shoes. Maybe in person it was easier to take it all in, but I'm feeling a little gypped (I definitely wanted to spell that jipped. fail). They should of just set the camera on the ground so I could watch the shoes and clothes simultaneously. But either way, the pictures are here now and they're spectacular.

Everyone seems to be fixated on the illuminating part, which is cool, but I think the awesome melting heel detail is just as amazing. I guess not as difficult as getting light inside a shoe, but I appreciate the detail.


Pictures via Fashioning Technology && I can't remember.

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