January 1, 2010

2010?? whaaa?

This new year completely snuck up on me. One minute I'm just hangin out, the next its a completely new decade. But anyway, I've heard enough about the new decade, so moving on to shoes. This post has absolutely no organization whatsoever. Last night while waiting for my friend I got distracted by Jak & Jil archives and fell in love with a few pairs of shoes. So, I'm just going to post them all at once so you can appreciate them too. I should probably make this a weekly thing and name it but I'm way too exhausted. I had a looooong night. My creative stuffs is all gone right now. Ok too many words, onto the shoes.

These I like because they are flowy and structured at the same time. I have yet to see such a simple idea, a black platform pump, be transformed into an interesting shoe with virtually no extra.

Epic. Amazing. Unexpected. Mind boggling.

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about these, but in the end they won me over. I couldn't even say why, just something about such simple materials being used to make a unique and high fashion shoe. Genius.


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