January 13, 2010

Schooooool's. out. for. summer!

Now that school is back in session I have been super busy and kind of lost myself for a second there sometime between Calculus homework and business lectures. But I'm back on track and ready to get this blog to reach its full potential.

So in looking through stuff lately I've noticed one thing, there aren't nearly enough pictures on this blog! I mean, personally, 99% of the reason I read so many blogs is to collect the gorgeous and inspirational pictures that my fellow enthusiasts post. Whether it be of their personal style, or recent fashion shows, or even just of people's feet, I really enjoy to look at fashion. Very few bloggers entertain me with their words quite like they do with their pictures. So I went through my archives a bit and made a New Years resolution to post lots more pictures on my blog. I know, its about 2 weeks late, but better late then never?

I've already begun to look into the future while this crazy weather keeps me indoors. I mean snow?! in Florida?! it's just not how things are supposed to be. So after weeks of these polar conditions, I've decided enough is enough! Time to put on some Bob Marley, crank up my heat, and reminisce about the days when throwing on one layer was sufficient and my idea of shoes was whichever worn -in pair of gladiators I could find first.

Here's to staying warm!


*These are all old photos I had saved, but if I'm not mistaken they're all from Garance Doré

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