July 20, 2010

Deja Vu

Remember those amazing Dsquared shoes that pulled me out of my coma, and that I then posted a follow up about another version on Sea of Shoes? Well, while browsing one of my blog staples, Haute Macabre, I discovered something kind of overwhelming. FIrst, that there are numerous other versions of this amazing shoe,

and Second that they are from this runway show that I posted about, and that slightly underwhelmed me. I'm not completely blind, I actually did go back to my original Dsquared post to look for the shoes before posting about them for the first time, but I didn't see anything familiar. You have to look closely at the retreating models to see but they're there. This new discovery definitely changes my entire thoughts on this show, upgrade.


Courtesy of Haute Macabre, here & here.

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