October 3, 2010


There is a reason I typically avoid commenting on clothes, and focus mainly on shoes. When I read people's assessment of the latest lines and designers I am simply awestruck by the knowledge they have of not only the history of the designer or fashion in general, but also their ability to dissect specific inspirations and fabrics. To me, clothes in the fashion industry are this huge ridiculously complicated entity that I don't think I have even begun to appreciate or understand yet. Because of this I stick to accessories and shoes, which in my mind are more independent in that people don't focus on their history as much. It is true that there are still those people out there who know and appreciate them as much, or even more so, then the clothes, but this is my rationalization.

That being said, when I saw this dress I knew I had to attempt to do it justice in a post. I am just obsessed with the combination of the tulle and lace, the sexiness that comes from the sheer lace being covered seemingly haphazardly by sheer tulle, and the structure that comes from the lines on the chest and the shoulders. It doesn't hurt that Blake Lively is wearing it, and she happens to be a fashion favorite of mine.

I'm not a fan of the shoes she paired with it, but I respect the attempt at the correlation with the sheer. But maybe I over think things.


Courtesy of Coco Perez.

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