December 20, 2009

Rodarte Review

None of these images are new. Everyone knows about Rodarte's collaboration with Target. I got the chance to see the collection and purchase some pieces yesterday when I found out my local store had stocked it early. They didn't have the one thing I wanted the most, the ribcage dress, but I still got a few awesome pieces. I purchased the black shoulder bow dress, the black lace cardigan, and the tan and black lace dress. In pictures I didn't actually like the cardigans but when I tried one on in the store I fell in love with it. I wish I loved the asymmetrical sweater but I found, on me, it just looked like I got dressed in the dark. My friend tried on both the bikinis and I loved the black one, but the flower one just looked odd. A lot like a bib. It probably looks good on someone but I'm not sure who. She also tried on the blue tulle dress, which I loved, but she doesn't go out much so had no use for it. The last piece I'll talk about is the leopard dress. Everyone said it was a weird fit and I didn't want to believe it but its true. The hips look like a Lady Gaga dress, super over exaggerated. Which doesn't really work with the everyday Target girl. Hopefully someone out there has a perfect fit because it would be a shame for that awesome dress to never see the street. I'm going to look for the tights, bow belt, and the ribcage dress today at a different Target. Hopefully I find a few more pieces. Well have to go get ready for manicure day with the girls. I hope you all are sifting through the Target racks as we speak.


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