December 26, 2009

Shopping Summary

So I hit up the aforementioned Urban Outfitters sale bright and early this morning. I wanted to get up at 6 am and get to the mall right when it opened, BUT apparently life had other plans. My mom didn't wake me up until 8 am. Luckily I still managed to get to the mall before most others and check out the sale. I tried on 13 things! Which is about the most those dressing room hooks will hold. I ended up getting a $5 pair of shoes, $5 jeans, $15 dress, $10 sunglasses and a $20 romper. The romper is my absolute favorite. I've been looking for one forever and this one is absolutely perfect. Everything else is awesome too. I also hit up forever 21 and got a couple of necklaces, shirts, and a super cute peacoat.

Now if only UO was this affordable year-round. My wardrobe would be a lot better, thats for sure.


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